April 15th, 2023

Meet Lusat

Our shared future

After years designing & building products, alongside customers, by myself & within teams, I'm intimately familiar with the challenges of creating intuitive user experiences while equipping users with the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

Balancing time, resources, and complexity is a constant challenge in meeting diverse user needs. Each new feature increases required maintenance, testing, documentation, etc.

Is there a better way?

What if software uniquely tailored itself to every human, every moment?

We founded Rysana to create such a future with the community.

We are intrigued by AI's potential to enrich our lives.

Our passion lies in making AI technology universally accessible and helpful; our vision a bright future where AI works together with each individual seamlessly, enhancing our abilities & saving time on mundane tasks.

What problem are we solving?

Building software capable of understanding human intent (expressed in speech, text, gestures, etc.) and translating it into valuable work is challenging.

It requires many moving parts working together, to accomplish numerous essential tasks that bring this vision to life at scale in production.

This complexity creates a painful barrier for developers & designers creating exceptional user experiences like those found in voice-driven assistants such as Siri or Alexa, historically limited to large companies with deep pockets.

We're building a platform to bridge this gap, and a comprehensive suite of open-source tools that integrate seamlessly with your systems to ensure safe & reliable results.

Lusat is our breakthrough AI technology that understands human intent and translates it into meaningful work.

We call it a reasoning engine.

Lusat can plan & execute actions while generating dynamic UI within your apps based on expressed intent, powered by a mesh of neural networks like LLMs.

Lusat will usher in an era of intuitive natural language-driven user experiences by empowering developers & designers with easy-to-use AI tools that continually improve.

Human youth profile

"Play something vibey"

Running AI workflow
Playing music

Why now?

Recent advancements in AI have unlocked the potential for software to understand human language, making it the perfect time to begin this new era.

Millions worldwide will seek to leverage these developments to create better software, offering users unprecedented control & flexibility.

By handling the common complexity & hard work required to integrate these systems, we enable you to focus on what makes your product uniquely valuable.

We're here to help you quickly develop AI-powered experiences that are production-ready in hours, not months.

Our shared future

We see a path into the future where AI evolves with humans, shaping our shared future as powerful & helpful allies.

As AI progresses, we will work to ensure that it remains accessible & beneficial for all.

Join us on this journey as we share insights & access to the technology we're building.

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Together we'll create a future where technology augments human genius, trivializes mundane tasks, and empowers everyone to live better lives & pursue their passions.

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  • Creating products is a constant challenge - balancing time, resources, and complexity.
  • We founded Rysana to build AI that adapts to & empowers individuals.
  • Our new AI Lusat understands human intent to create natural language-driven UX.
  • Lusat plans & executes actions, and creates dynamic UI within your apps.
  • Recent AI advancements make it the perfect time to usher in this new era of software.
  • We'll take care of common complexity, you focus on what's unique in your product.
  • Lusat lets you launch AI-powered experiences in hours, not months.
  • We're building a future where AI remains an accessible & helpful ally for all people.
  • Be among the first to try Lusat. Sign up for early access.